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Calibration blocks for surface flaw detection (cylindrical shape)

Intended for set-up of VD-131 ND flaw detector

Name of enterprise calibration block Application area Flaw parameters Work surface roughness, µm Overall dimensions Material NOTE
Length, mm Width, mm Depth, mm
KSOP2353.04 consists of three
calibration blocks:
Transport (railway) and machine building industries 2.2 - along the generatrix; 7.9 - along the roller edge 0,1 - Rа 0,32 ø 32 × 52 ShKh15 Intended for testing the rollers of rolling bearings №2726
- 0,2 0,14
5.2 (parallel to the roller shaft) 0,1 0,1
6,1 (at 45° angle to the roller shaft) 0,1 0,1