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SONOCON FOCUS Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Advantages of phased array technology

  • High-speed testing;
  • improved detection of defects;
  • visibility of testing results presentation;
  • implementation of various sound schemes;
  • ordinary testing of irregular-shaped objects;
  • simplified scanning process.

Main specifications

General characteristics
Operating frequencies of phase array probes 2.5, 5 MHz
Max. number of elements in the phased array 64
Max. number of elements in an active group 16
Focal Laws
  • Linear scanning with / without focus
  • Sectorial scanning with / without focusing
  • Combined scanning with / without focusing
  • Implementation of other laws
Data display:
  • A-Scan
  • S-Scan
  • B-Scan
  • C-Scan
  • D-Scan
  • Amplitude diagrams and etc.
Registration of testing process and results 100 %
Reception path
Bandwidth of reception path 1 – 10 MHz
Dynamic range of gain adjustment 86 dB
Gain step 0.4 dB
DAC gain curve independently by each channel +
Pulser path
Type of pulser signals Rectangular pulses
Amplitude (voltage) of initial pulse from  10 to 80 V with a step 10 V
Pulse length: from 20 to 1275 ns, with a step
Delay within one pulsing:… from 0 to 8 ms
Delay adjustment step, no more than 10 ns
Accurate adjustment step, no more than 1 ns
Pulse repetition frequency from 30 Hz to 30 kHz
Pulsing synchronization from encoder, by time and from external source

Delivedry set for phased array ultrasonic flaw detector Sonocon Focus

Basic version. Far-abroad countries

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