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Set of calibration blocks KMD4-0

The calibration blocks are intended for measuring the parameters of ultrasonic pulse flaw detectors as per GOST 23667.

Main specifications

The calibration blocks are made from hot-rolled, corrosion- and heat-resistant high-temperature round steel bars diam. 100 mm, 40Х13 grade. The blocks represent a straight cylinder limited by two flat surfaces: operational and bearing ones. From the bearing surface side, there is a blind plain bore with a flat bottom (flat-bottomed reflector).

The calibration blocks allow to measure the following parameters of flaw detectors, operating in the frequency range from 1 to 10 MHz with straight-beam probes:

  • deviation of conditional sensitivity by the effective reflector parameter by the occurrence depth from the nominal one;
  • sensitivity margin;
  • testing area range by distance;
  • ‘dead zone’;
  • sensitivity limit by the effective reflector parameter;
  • depth-gauge error;
  • conditional resolution by the occurrence depth and edge;
  • frequency of flaw detector.

Table 1

Parameters KMD 4-0
Occurrence depth of flat-bottomed reflector, mm 1,0 – 180
Dynamic range of longitudinal ultrasonic waves (at frequency of 10 MHz), dB 1 ± 0,3
Velocity of propagation of longitudinal ultrasonic waves, m/s 6030 ± 30
Deviation of the amplitude of signal from flat-bottomed reflectors, dB 3
Spread of longitudinal waves, % 2